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Published on 01/26/2024 02:10 PM

January is National Mentoring Month and January 25th, 2024 was Thank a Mentor Day! So, make sure you thank one or multiple of your mentors!
The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) also wishes to share Culture of Mentoring initiative updates. This initiative remains highly-collaborative and multi-pronged, with the three TAMU Mentoring Academies (Faculty Mentoring Academy, Graduate Mentoring Academy, Postdoctoral Mentoring Academy) anchored to shared evidence-based mentoring competencies. Since implementation in January 2020, nearly 400 individuals within and across Texas A&M have completed the TAMU Mentoring Academy:
  • Faculty - ~90
  • Staff - ~65
  • Graduate and Professional Students - ~230
Additionally, here is the Spring 2024 Faculty Mentoring Academy schedule: 
Assessing Understanding in Mentoring - TBD
Maintaining Effective Communication in Mentoring - 2/14 - Register Here
Enhancing Work-Life Integration in Mentoring - 2/22 - Register Here
Fostering Independence in Mentoring - 3/6 - Register Here
Cultivating Ethical Behavior in Mentoring - 3/19 - Register Here
Supporting Well-being in Mentoring - 3/28 - Register Here
Promoting Professional Development in Mentoring - 4/8 - Register Here
Aligning Expectations in Mentoring - 4/18 - Register Here
For further information and registration:
Faculty Mentoring Academy (faculty participants) - 
Graduate Mentoring Academy (faculty, staff, and graduate student participants) -