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2008-2009 Scholars



Manda Rosser
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Department of Agriculture Leadership, Education, & Communication

Yauger Williams
College of Architecture
Department of Visualization
"Aesthetic forms of space & time: motion & static
qualities of virtual & physical domains"
Montague Poster

Haipeng(Allan) Chen
Mays Business School
Department of Marketing
"The Real Deal" Marketing Montague Poster

Mary Margaret Capraro
College of Education & Human Development
Department of Teaching, Learning, & Culture
"Mathematics Educators Across the Country Talk
to Undergraduates About Their Research" 
Montague Poster

Scott Socolofsky
Dwight Look College of Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering

Debbie Thomas
College of Geosciences
Department of Oceanography
"The Role of Oceanic and Atmospheric Circulation
in Ancient Intervals of Global Greenhouse Climate"
Montague Poster

Jennifer Bizon
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Psychology
Rainer Fries
College of Science
Department of Physics
Virginia Fajt
College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Department of Veterinary Physiology & Pharmacology
"Critical Thinking Skills and Disposition among Veterinary
Students at Texas A&M" Montague Poster


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