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Montague-CTE Scholars Posters


Agriculture & Life Sciences

Develop New Course in Leadership Studies - Christine Townsend, 1991-1992
Ecotourism and Wildlife Conservation - Amanda Stronza, 2007-2008
Develop An Online Workbook to Support Student Mastery - Astrid Volder, 2010-2011


ACSP Presentation Highlights in Landscape Architecture - Ming-Han Li, 2006-2007
Aesthetic Forms of Space & Time - R. Yauger Williams, 2008-2009
Using Interactive Digital Technology for Hands-on Projects - Jun-Hyun Kim, 2014-2015 Mays Business School

Business Management - Christopher Porter, 2005-2006
Group Reactions to Bad Bosses: The Influences of Status - Elizabeth Umphress, 2006-2007
Bringing the Most Current, Real World Applications to the Classroom - Alina Sorescu, 2007-2008
The Real Deal Marketing - Haipeng (Allan) Chen, 2008-2009
Case Development: How does ownership structure affect financial reporting? - Dechun Wang, 2009-2010
Hands-On and Research Experience - Subodha Kumar, 2011-2012
Inside the 'Black Box' of Sell-Side Financial Analysis - Nate Sharp, 2012-2013
Effective Tax Rate Estimates and Financial Reporting Quality - Sean T. McGuire, 2013-2014

Education & Human Development

Community Needs and Strengths Assessment - Ranjita Misra, 2004-2005
Reframing the Concept of Disability Through a Disability Studies Perspective - Laura Stough, 2005-2006
Bringing Reliable Measurement to the Classroom - Kimberly Vannest, 2007-2008
Mathematics Educators Across the Country Talk to Undergraduates About Their Research - Mary Margaret Capraro, 2008-2009
Study Abroad to Trinidad and Tobago - John Singer, 2009-2010
Hands-On Experiences Prepare Future Autism Teachers and Researchers - Mandy Rispoli, 2012-2013
Examining the Effects of Group Contingencies on Problem Behaviors and Academic Performance - Lisa Bowman-Perrot 2013-2014
Creating a Professional Learning Community - Carly Gilson, 2018-2019


Hands-On Experience for Students to Appreciate Design of Experiment Methods - Yu Ding, 2005-2006
Content, Engagement, and Commitment - Timothy J. Jacobs 2009-2010

Encourage Lifelong Learning Through Participation in Online Technical Communities - Carl Laird, 2010-2011 
Computer Science & Engineering - James Caverlee 2011-2012
Industrial Engineering - Erick Moreno-Centeno, 2012-2013
Graphs, Computing Projects, and Outreach - Dylan Shell, 2014-2015 
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing - Alaa Elwany, 2017-2018            


Geography - Charles Lafon, 2004-2005
The Role of Oceanic and Atmospheric Circulation in Ancient Intervals of Global Greenhouse Climate - Debbie Thomas, 2008-2009
Developing a Drought Science Learning Community - Steven Quiring, 2009-2010
Rapid 3D Prototyping Enables Geological Visualization and Inquiry - Michael Tice, 2012-2013
Interdiscipliary Research Project - Oliver W. Frauenfeld, 2013-2014
Bringing Virtual Reality into the Geosciences Classroom and Research - Christopher J. Nowotarski, 2018-2019

Liberal Arts
Teaching Women's Lives - Pamela R. Matthews, 1993-1994
Performance Studies - Kathryn Woodard, 2007-2008
Psychology - Steve Balsis, 2011-2012
Authentic Student Learning: The Millican "Riot," 1868 Digital Archive - Amy E. Earhart, 2013-2014
Teaching With Purpose - Kristan Poirot, 2014-2015
Encouraging Difficult Conversations - Anna Wiederhold Wolfe, 2017-2018

Multifaceted Approaches to Understanding Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Its Societal Relevance - Daniel Romo, 1997-1998
Hands-On Experience Aids Science Education - Alexei Sokolov, 2005-2006
The TAMU APPEAL Program - Jairo Sinova, 2006-2007
A Video Game for Teaching Statistics - Alan Dabney, 2009-2010
Teaching Astronomy in the 21st Century: Advancing Scientific Understanding Through Active Learning -  Kim Vy H. Tran, 2010-2011
More Than the Bomb: A First Year Seminar on Nuclear Science - Charles M. Folden III, 2011-2012
Teaching Chemistry Concepts Through an Experiment - Lei Fang, 2017-2018

Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

An Interactive Web-Based Comparative Functional Neuroanatomy Course for Undergraduate Students - Gladys Ko, 2007-2008
Critical Thinking Skills and Disposition Among Veterinary Students at Texas A&M - Virginia Fajt, 2008-2009
Veterinary Medicine - Ashley Saunders, 2009-2010
Veterinary Integrative Biosciences - Terje Raudsepp, 2010-2011
Immunogenetics and Comparative Immunology and Its Instructor - Michael Criscitiello, 2011-2012
Enhancing Undergraduate Student Learning and Understanding of Immunology - Waithaka Mwangi 2013-2014
High Impact Course Development - Sarah A. Hamer, 2014-2015