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Culture of Mentoring Updates

Date:   1/29/2021


Howdy and welcome to a new semester!
January is National Mentoring Month and we are excited to celebrate within and across our campus!  In addition to a full slate of the Faculty Mentoring Academy (FMA), we have a brand-new email address dedicated to communication about all things mentorship at TAMU.

Thank a Mentor!
We encourage everyone in our campus community to reflect on the individual(s) who were an outstanding mentor to you and then let the individuals know! Mentorship is such a vital part of the higher education experience and authentic appreciation is always welcome, so, which mentor are you going to thank?
Faculty Mentoring Academy
These sessions are offered on a rolling basis with participation in Maintaining Effective Communication highly suggested as a point of entry to join FMA. Seven mentorship competencies were created by the Center for Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER) and we utilize case studies and interactive activities to enhance the mentoring capacity of faculty participants. The full schedule and more program information can be found here: https://cte.tamu.edu/Communities,-Programs-and-Models/Mentoring-(1)/Faculty-Mentoring-Academy
Mentoring Resources
We look forward to sharing great resources on mentoring with you throughout the semester. Each month, you will find new mentoring resources on our CTE website. Check out our latest find:
The Science of Mentorship: A STEMM Podcast
By The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine • View the Website
In this series from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, you’ll hear personal stories about mentorship experiences from STEMM leaders, in their own words, to help you learn how evidence-based mentorship practices can help you develop the skills to engage in the most effective mentoring relationships possible.
New Mentoring Email: MentoringTAMU@tamu.edu 
Finally, we are pleased to announce MentoringTAMU@tamu.edu as a new email for the Faculty Mentoring Academy. Program information and communication will be from this email. Our hope is this email serves as yet another way of formalizing and unifying mentorship development efforts. We look forward to reconnecting with you in this new semester as Texas A&M University’s Culture of Mentoring Initiative continues to move forward!
Best wishes for a prosperous new semester, 
Dr. Clint Patterson and the CTE-Mentoring Team