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2021-2022 Graduate Teaching Consultant Program Call for Nominations

Date:   3/31/2021


2021-2022 Center for Teaching Excellence Graduate Teaching Consultant

The Center for Teaching Excellence is pleased to announce the Spring 2021 Call for Nominations for the Center’s Graduate Teaching Consultant (GTC) Program. The GTC Program is intended to support the University’s commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. GTCs receive mentorship, training, and other specialized support from Instructional Consultants at the Center contributing to the GTC’s development of teaching and communication skills necessary for a faculty appointment at 2- or 4-year institutions. GTCs in turn serve as instructional coaches, seminar facilitators, and peer mentors to Teaching Assistants across campus.

GTCs are an integral part of graduate student professional development in teaching at Texas A&M University, providing support to the Teaching Assistant Institute (TAI), Academy for Future Faculty (AFF), and a number of departmental and student requests for consultations in teaching services. Fellows are paid $17.00/hour, from which payroll taxes will be deducted. On average, GTCs work 6 hours in a two-week pay period. Students selected for the program will receive the CIRTL@TAMU Associate Certificate.

To nominate an outstanding current or former teaching assistant in your department/college, please email the following to cte@tamu.edu.  The deadline to submit nominations is 5pm, Monday, May 10th, 2021
  • Student name (first and last)
  • Student email address
  • College, Department
  • Brief statement specifying why you believe the nominee is qualified to be a GTC (100 words or less)
  • Up to 3 students from a department can be nominated!

The Center will email the nominees and provide them with a formal application for the GTC Program following our receipt of your nomination email including the information stated above. A nominee need not be a current Teaching Assistant, but must have had at least two semesters of teaching experience and/or completed the Academy for Future Faculty (AFF), College Classroom Teaching: Integration of Teaching Research and Learning course (formerly STEM Teaching Professional Development course) or a similar experience. A nominee can hold an assistantship ( i.e., GAR, GANT, or GAT) in his/her department, and can be admitted to the GTC Program with approval of the department head and the Graduate and Professional School. For more information contact cte@tamu.edu. International students may be nominated; however, their work hours will be limited in accordance with federal and university regulations.