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Leveraging Lessons Learned (L3) Infographics - NEW!

TAMU Instructors share effective approaches applicable to face-to-face, hybrid, or online teaching. 

4 Steps to Scaffold the Peer Review Writing Process - Sharon Matthews

Five Things to Consider When Using Video Tutorials - Terri Pantuso
Flipped Class with Synchronous Sessions - Natarajan Gautam
How and Why You Should Record and Post All Lectures - Daniel Collins
How to Refine Student Communication and Visualization Skills Using Speed Poster Sessions - Leslie Seipp
Keeping Students Motivated In Lecture - Berna Hascakir
Kick Start Class With A Daily Quiz - Tracy Hammond
Random Volunteer Generator - Jean-Francois Chamberland 
Synchronous Teaching Using Online Interactivity Platforms - Angela Durko
Three Ways to Increase Collaboration In A Hybrid Course - Diane Chico
Utilizing Student Multimedia Projects - Randy Brooks

Also, see Catharina Laporte's webpage, Leveraging Lessons Learned


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Active Learning for Online Teaching
Alternative Assessment Infographic
‚ÄčAlternative Assessment Guide for Hybrid/Online Teaching
4 Types of Strategies for Engaging Learners & Enhancing Learning Infographic Guide
Active Engagement & Learner Support - F2F (Social Distancing) or Hybrid Teaching
Quick Tips for Using Zoom Across a Language Difference

Teaching Modules

Increasing Student Motivation and Engagement Online Using Active Learning - Self-paced Course Module (Articulate)
The HyFlex Course Model (Articulate)
Alternative Assessment Guide for Hybrid/Online Teaching

Active Learning for Online Teaching


Complex Systems, Conceptualizations of Learning, and Practices
Conceptualizations of Learning: Information Design vs. Learning Design
Communicating While Wearing a Face Mask - CTE-ELP
Alternative Assessment for an Online Class - CTE
Motivating and Engaging Students in an Online Class Session - CTE
Collaboration and Interaction in an Online Class Session - CTE
Transparency and Communication in Online Teaching - CTE
Innovative Learning Classroom Building (Previously known as the 21CCB)
The Course Design Series
TAMU Campus PoliceCampus Carry

Faculty Created Videos

Think, Pair, Share - Dr. Catharina Laporte
Setting Up An Online College Course - Dr. Jonathan Meer, large courses
Active Learning - Using Index Cards in the Classroom - Dr. Catharina Laporte
Solving Problems Online Using Tablets - Dr. Tatiana Erukhimova
Day One - Dr. Catharina Laporte

Webinar Zoom Recordings

Preparing Face-to-Face Teaching in Fall 2020 - Dr. Wendi Zimmer and Sam Shields, Session 1
Preparing Face-to-Face Teaching in Fall 2020 - Dr. Wendi Zimmer, Provost IT Office, and Sam Shields, Session 2
Effective Online teaching and Learning: Insights from a Faculty Panel
Alternative Assessment & Student Learning

Juggling Chainsaws while Riding a Unicycle: Effectively Engaging In-Person and Remote Students