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Active Learning for Online Teaching
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Alternative Assessment Guide for Hybrid/Online Teaching
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Active Engagement & Learner Support - F2F (Social Distancing) or Hybrid Teaching

Documenting Teaching Practice and Effectiveness

Reflecting on teaching practice and getting peer feedback are two good ways to document accomplishments in teaching.

Principles of Teaching

Following some foundational principles of teaching can positively influence the quality of instruction, course design, and student experiences. The best teaching is built using solid cognitive frameworks such as Bloom’s Taxonomy or the Depth of Knowledge Levels model. It can also be helpful to also consider the research and evaluation of teaching as well as hope people learn. In an increasingly interconnected digital age, instruction must also take into account an extremely diverse student audience so instruction should be as inclusive as possible.

Preparing to Teach

Careful planning and preparation can help ensure that a class session or an entire course goes as smoothly as possible. Advanced planning can help mitigate many common instructional, student behavior, and logistical issues and set instructors—and students—up for success.

Teaching Strategies

There are many different teaching strategies which have their merits depending on discipline, subject matter, instructional objectives, students, and context. There is no best one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. Rather, student learning and engagement can be positively influenced by using different methods and even combining or modifying strategies. Check out this list of teaching strategies.
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