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ELP Requirements and Resources

Additional Resources for English Language Learning

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 Additional Resources for ESL Study

The Center for Teaching Excellence’s English Language Proficiency Program serves Texas A&M University instructors of all ranks (teaching assistant to professor) by providing instruction in oral English proficiency. (Priority goes to current TAs with Level 2 English proficiency, then to other groups, such as graduate students with upcoming teaching assignments and professors. As space permits, other graduate students may receive services.)

For other language skills, or if you are not an instructor (or soon-to-be instructor) at Texas A&M, the following resources are also available:

  • Face-to-face resources on campus
  • ​​Face-to-face resources off campus in the Bryan/College Station community, and
  • Self-study resources online.

See all three in the document "Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 Additional Resources for ESL Study."

University Policies and Requirements regarding English Language Proficiency

Per OGAPS policy, Graduate Assistants – Teaching (GATs) and Graduate Assistant Lecturers (GALs) who have not yet demonstrated an English proficiency of Level 1 on a recognized oral exam must:

  1. Begin participation in the ELP program by the end of Week 2 of the semester,
  2. Participate in the ELP program 5 hours per week,
  3. Retest and earn a Level 1 score by the end of the semester of their conditional appointment or emergency deferral of certification.

Otherwise, they are ineligible for future teaching assignments.

  Global Standardized Tests Locally Administered (at College Station campus) Exam
Level # TOEFL speaking section IELTS speaking section PTE speaking section English Language Proficiency Exam (ELPE)
1 ≥26 ≥8.0 ≥85 ≥80
2 23-25 7.0-7.5 75-84 75
3 <23 <7.0 <75 <75

The highest score submitted to Texas A&M (not the most recent score) counts.
To begin participating in the ELP program, TAs should email cte@tamu.edu or call (979) 458-3966, provide their UIN, and explain that they are currently a GAT or GAL without demonstrated Level 1 proficiency. They will be given priority over other participants in the program.
To begin taking advantage of our services and resources, the TA first schedules an intake assessment and then comes to the ELP consultant’s office in LAAH at the scheduled time. In that hour-long interview, the ELP consultants listen to the TA’s speech and identify strengths and weaknesses. In a follow-up appointment, the TA and an ELP consultant co-draft a unique individual improvement plan by selecting services from the menu of CTE programs that best address the TA’s unique language needs, keeping in mind the TA’s preferences and schedule.
For as many weeks or months as the TA needs, he/she participates in CTE instruction, such as a conversation partnership, a weekly discussion group, and pronunciation practice using a software program.
The ELP program may communicate with the TA’s department regarding the TA’s faithfulness to the individual improvement plan. The ELP program does not divulge details, such as weaknesses, but rather that the TA is “in compliance,” “partially in compliance,” or “not in compliance” with his/her individual improvement plan.
Periodically, the ELP consultants assess the TA’s speech (as a formative, not a summative, assessment). They may recommend an appropriate time for the TA to attempt a retest of the ELPE and can even authorize an early retest if the TA has been adhering to his/her individual improvement plan and has demonstrably improved in oral English proficiency.
Graduate students who retest and earn a Level 1 score are immediately English Language Proficiency Certified and are no longer required to attend any ELP programming, but may are welcome to continue, space permitting.