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Certificate Program

To complete the one-year program and receive the Academy for Future Faculty Fellow Certificate, participants need to
1.  Attend 4 required seminars. These seminars the basics of the course development cycle. These will be offered at least once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester. These 4 seminars represent the “core curriculum” of AFF.  Participants are required to successfully complete a quiz or create a related document (i.e., CV, course syllabus, etc.) regarding each core seminar topic. All quizzes and documents will be submitted through Canvas.
The required/core seminars are:
  • Learning Outcomes & the Course Development Cycle
  • Philosophy of Teaching Statement
  • Syllabus Design
  • Curriculum Vitae
2.  Attend 4 elective seminars. These seminars cover a variety of subjects related to teaching and higher education and vary from semester to semester. Participants will be required to successfully complete a quiz in Canvas for each seminar they attend.
3. Find a faculty mentor. The mentor must be a Texas A&M faculty member; however, the mentor can be from any department. Participants cannot select their advisor (chair) or postdoctoral supervisor to be their mentor. It is expected that participants visit with their mentors at least twice. Participants should use these meetings to reflect on seminar content and solicit feedback on their required documents (see #4).
4. Submit a copy of their Teaching Philosophy, CV and a Course Syllabus. The information presented in the core seminars will be valuable when creating these items. Participants are expected to obtain and incorporate feedback from their AFF mentor during the development of these documents. As proof of this, participants are required to have their mentor sign and date each document prior to uploading them to Canvas.
5.  Conduct 1 classroom observation. Participants will select a Texas A&M faculty member and observe their teaching for one class period. Using the observation form found on Canvas, participants will answer questions on the classroom environment, teaching methods used, and overall effectiveness of instruction.
Unable to attend all 8 seminars in-person?
Up to 3 seminars may be viewed asynchronously through Canvas. Participants will have to successfully complete a quiz for each seminar watched in this manner. Please note these quizzes differ from the quizzes for participants who attend the live seminars. Furthermore, seminars are recorded at the discretion of the presenters. Thus, some seminars may not be recorded, and, thus, available to be watched online.
Not located at the College Station (main) campus?
Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars located at Texas A&M branch campuses (Galveston, Qatar) or academic and research units (Texas A&M Heath, etc.) may participate in the AFF program remotely through watching the recordings of seminars posted on Canvas. As mentioned above, the recording of seminars is up to the discretion of the presenters. Distance participants can email AFF@tamu.edu for confirmation on which seminars will be available on Canvas.