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Create Curriculum Materials

The curriculum redesign team creates Student Learning Experience Guides outlining how the program learning outcomes will be addressed in each course or experience, as well as to determine appropriate outcome assessments. The program (re)design graduate student works in collaboration with teaching faculty to complete the guides. The Guide provides standardization across the curriculum to support sustainability, benefiting all course instructors, especially new faculty who may not be familiar with the course expectations and how it fits within the entire curriculum. This phase of the process also includes an opportunity to embed active learning strategies in courses to encourage students to apply what they are learning in various contexts.

The guide also includes what technology and/or inclusive learning techniques will be utilized in the course or experience. As a means for fostering lifelong and integrative learning habits in students, a program ePortfolio is also recommended. The Center for Teaching Excellence provides support in the design and implementation of instructional strategies at the course level as well as ePortfolio implementation at the program level.