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Implement and Assess

An implementation and assessment plan ensures your program will be prepared to effectively implement curricular change. Ultimately, the implementation plan answers the following questions—who will do what, with whom, and by when? 

The Center for Teaching Excellence collaborates with the redesign team to create a plan aligned with both institutional assessment requirements and accreditation standards. The implementation plan includes how information will be communicated and disseminated. It also includes resources to help support instructor professional development and reflection, as well as establish procedures to ensure consistency and seamless onboarding of new faculty. Identification of gaps in content expertise and the phasing out of the prior curriculum, as appropriate, are also part of this implementation plan.

The assessment plan details the incorporation of curriculum competencies into assessment, outlining and scheduling the student learning evidence (products/artifacts) that will be collected. It also details mechanisms of how and when to periodically review the curriculum to ensure competencies align with current industry demands. Finally, the assessment plan includes a framework of internal and external data gathering to ensure the curriculum is meeting student and stakeholder needs.