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Community of Mentors

Texas A&M University hosted the first Entering Mentoring “train-the trainer” sessions created by the Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER) in November of 2019. CIMER facilitators trained 32 TAMU faculty using their seven evidence-based mentorship competencies: Maintaining Effective Communication, Aligning Expectations, Assessing Understanding, Addressing Equity and Inclusion, Fostering Independence, Promoting Professional Development, and Articulating Your Mentoring Philosophy and Plan.

Since this time, the University, through a collaboration of the Center for Teaching Excellence, Faculty Affairs, The Graduate and Professional School, and the Division of Research have continued to build a path to a Culture of Mentoring.
Directly contributing to this goal are two TAMU Mentoring Academies (Faculty Mentoring Academy and Graduate Mentoring Academy), each of which is facilitated by these CIMER-trained TAMU facilitators. Dr. Clint Patterson oversees the Faculty Mentoring Academy and Dr. Julie Harlin oversees the Graduate Mentoring Academy.

To continue this vision, those who complete all seven mentorship competencies have the opportunity to become a TAMU Mentoring Academy facilitator.

Deep thanks to the original “train-the-trainer” faculty cohort members.


Derya Akleman College of Science
Jack Baldauf College of Geosciences
Adam Barry         Human Development
Mary Bryk Life Sciences
Stephen Caffey College of Architecture
Ioannis Economou Qatar - Engineering
Yossef Elabd College of Engineering
Dana Gaddy Biomedical Sciences
Carl Gagliardi College of Science
Ted Goebel Liberal Arts
Julie Harlin Life Sciences
Terri Helge School of Law
James Herman Biomedical Sciences
Paul Hernandez Human Development
Cynthia Hipwell College of Engineering
Jared Hoppenfeld University Libraries
Michael Johnson College of Engineering
Heather Lench Liberal Arts
Laura Matusevich College of Science
Rajesh Miranda College of Medicine
Timothy Mulvaney School of Law
Annie Newell Biomedical Sciences
Tiffany Radcliff Public Health
Krystal Simmons Human Development
Andy Tag College of Science
Andreea Trache College of Medicine
Sherry Yennello College of Science
Gabriela Zapata Liberal Arts
Shoshana Eitan College of Liberal Arts
Allison Dunn College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Sandra Acosta College of Education and Human Development
Tracy Clement College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Leslie Seipp Mays Business School
Ian Murray College of Medicine
Jessica Galloway-Pena College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Rebecca Creasy College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Heather Thaker College of Liberal Arts
Ashley Peyton Smith College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Roselyn Aguila Doctoral Student
Alberth Rojas Carranza Doctoral Student