IDEATE Community

The Innovation and Design for Exploration and Analysis in Teaching Excellence (IDEATE) community is supported by the Center for Teaching Excellence at Texas A&M University as part of the Transformational Teaching Initiative. This community of scholars is dedicated to collaboratively conducting and disseminating Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research. The initial formation of the community of scholars launched in February, 2020. The community is structured around the IDEATE model (Donaldson & Choi, 2020) which was designed as a means of enabling faculty to take the lead in innovating and transforming practices in teaching and learning in a sustainable way while remaining grounded in literature from the learning sciences and evidence-based high-impact practices.

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The IDEATE community collaboratively conducts research in courses across multiple disciplines to identify and refine both discipline-specific and generally-applicable evidence-based high-impact practices. All research conducted by this community uses design-based research methodology which involves grounding all learning experience designs in solid theoretical foundations, refining the designs over multiple iterations, and analyzing data to “speak back” to the theories in which they were grounded.

The IDEATE community shares their research findings and insights in their IDEATE Wisdom blog. All posts on the blog are created and curated by IDEATE community members and are not managed by any official Texas A&M University departments or entities.
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