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Graduate Education Model

Through intentional and emergent collaboration with the Graduate and Professional School in spring and summer 2021, the Center for Teaching Excellence began to reconceptualize the Transformative Doctoral Education Model (TDEM). Specifically, TDEM is designed for doctoral education and therefore limiting in how inclusive the model is for the wider graduate education environment. To this end, we collectively continued to iterate TDEM and ultimately developed the Graduate Education Model (GEM).

Notable iterations:

  • TDEM internal driver “Doctoral Student” becomes “Graduate & Professional Student”
  • Transformative Learning (TDEM) is described as “Transformation Through Student-Centered Learning, Community, and Mentorship”
  • GEM maintains a learning theory foundation (TDEM), but is conceptualized to consider meaningful connection with theories beyond Transformative Learning Theory
  • Research (TDEM) is expanded to include “Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities”
  • Interdisciplinarity (TDEM) is replaced with “Discipline integration” to more fully express boundary spanning
  • Stewardship (TDEM) replaced with “Psychosocial Support” to explicitly emphasize and address emergent concerns in graduate education
  • Doctoral Scholar (TDEM) is extended to include “Scholar/Practitioner”

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