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Brandon Cooper, Ph.D.

Assistant Director

bcooper@tamu.edu | 979.458.4203
Office Location: 
305E Nagle


As Assistant Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), Dr. Brandon Cooper oversees Center assessment, leads the Instructional Excellence Project, and co-leads the English Language Proficiency (ELP) program. He designs and facilitates programming around classroom communication and respect & inclusion.

Over the last 13 years, Dr. Cooper has taught a variety of courses to both graduate and undergraduate students at the University of South Carolina, Texas A&M University, and elsewhere. He began at Texas A&M University in a service-learning capacity in 2012 to complete a requirement for his linguistics degree. He accepted a faculty position at the University later that academic year. In 2015, he was promoted to Assistant Director of the English Language Institute and served in that capacity until 2017, when he joined the Center for Teaching Excellence as an Instructional Consultant. In that role, Brandon worked closely with Ginessa Payne to create an individualized approach for current and future instructors to achieve their linguistic goals. Meanwhile, he has also worked to advocate for language learners by designing programming aimed at addressing implicit bias against speakers of “non-standard” Englishes.

Since 2019, Brandon has been involved in the First Year Experience both as a two-time instructor and as a developer of the Respect & Inclusion curriculum. And in 2020, he was promoted to Senior Instructional Consultant and began work on the Instructional Excellence Project as a campus ACUE facilitator. In 2021, Brandon became campus lead for the project, which has awarded hundreds of credentials to instructors since its inception. Most recently, he has taken on the additional role of assessment for the Center.

Dr. Cooper holds a Bachelor’s degree with a major in English and a minor in Religion. He has earned two Master’s degrees – one in Theology with a biblical languages emphasis and another in English with a linguistics emphasis. Additionally, he has a graduate certificate in Linguistics and in English Language Teaching Leadership Management. He has engaged in postgraduate study at the University of Cambridge and at Copenhagen Business School. And he recently completed his PhD in Linguistics with the University of South Carolina, completing a dissertation that takes on questions in the origins and development of African American English.

Dr. Cooper’s recent research investigates social-psychological factors related to cross-linguistic interaction and the efficacy of individualized approaches to second language learning. His team has worked to create interventions designed to improve cross-linguistic interaction, digital tools for second language pronunciation, and, most recently, an algorithm designed to facilitate intergroup interaction between North American English speakers and speakers of other Englishes by matching hundreds of students for weekly, casual conversation. He is also co-editor of As We Speak /aez wiy spiyk/ - the newsletter of TESOL’s Speaking, Pronunciation, and Listening Interest Section.

Area of Expertise:

  • Instructional Excellence Project
  • Classroom Communication
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Adult Second Language Acquisition 
  • Language Assessment