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The Center for Teaching Excellence offers many different workshops covering a wide range of topics ranging from classroom management and course design to instructional technology and inclusive teaching. They are offered on a consistent schedule each semester. The workshops are informal and interactive and offer faculty and staff a safe environment to share and discuss their experiences. The Center also offers graduate student-specific workshops through the Academy of Future Faculty program.

LINK: Spring 2019 Combined Faculty and Graduate Student workshop guide

LINK: Spring 2019 Graduate Student Professional Development guide with details
Thu Jan 24
Fri Feb 01
Interactive Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods

Mon Feb 04
GSPDT - How to Plan a Teaching Demonstration

GRAD - Planning a Teaching Demo

Tue Feb 05
Aggie Disability Awareness

Aggie Disability Awareness (ADA) workshop

Tue Feb 05
Effective Exam Item Creation

F2F Common types of Exam Questions


Other CTE Events


One of the University’s major initiatives is to provide TAMU students with transformative learning experiences. The Humanizing Education, Learning, and Leadership On/Offline (HELLO2) program is designed to provide faculty and staff opportunities to learn more about the following focus areas:
1.         Active Learning and Student Engagement
2.         Transformational Teaching and Learning
3.         Learner-Centered Teaching
4.         Instructional Technology for Student Learning and Engagement
Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate through the Center for Teaching Excellence signed by Dr. Heather Wilkinson, Associate Dean of Faculties and Dr. Debra Fowler, the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence. 
Participants beginning the program Fall 2018 will complete the following requirements over 2 consecutive long semesters (Fall-Spring, Spring-Fall). (Please note that we have updated the requirements. New participants who are starting Fall 2018 will have 2 long semesters. Particpants who started Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 still have 3 long semesters to complete the program.)

  • Attend a total of 7 workshops (1 program overview session, 3 required sessions, and 3 elective sessions). Participants will complete the program overview session first. All other sessions can be taken in any order. Program sessions will be facilitated by the Center for Teaching Excellence, Instructional Technology Services, Center for Disability and Development, Disability Services, and the College of Liberal Arts.  
  • Participants will work individually with a Center for Teaching Excellence Instructional Consultant. These 2 required meetings may include discussions on teaching philosophy, course syllabus, and other topics related to transformational instruction.

 For more information, please contact Dr. Nate Poling at npoling@tamu.edu. 

HELLO2 Curriculum and Session Schedule (Fall 2018)






Time and Location

Required Orientation Session

Orientation Session: Humanizing Education, Learning, and Leadership On/Offline (HELLO2) Overview

Thursday, Sep 27th, 1:00 – 2:30, MSC 2406B




Required Session 1
(Choose 1)

Interactive Teaching Methods (Facilitated by Center for Teaching Excellence)

Wednesday, Oct 24th, 1:30 – 3:00, MSC 2502, Register at: http://ers.tamu.edu/


Strategies and Technologies to Promote Active Learning
 (Facilitated by College of Liberal Arts)

Wednesday, Sep 26th, 9:00 – 11:00, HELD 004, Register at: http://ers.tamu.edu/




Required Session 2
(Choose 1)

6 Pillars of Student Engagement (Facilitated by the College of Liberal Arts)

Tuesday, Oct 9th, 1:30-3:30, HELD 004,  Register at http://ers.tamu.edu/


Starting Your Class With a Punch (Facilitated by Instructional Technology Services)

Thursday, Sep 13th, 2:00-4:00, HELD 004,  Register at http://its.tamu.edu/training




Required Session 3

Educating Every Aggie: Enhancing Teaching and Learning for All Students With Universal Design and Technology (Facilitated by Center for Teaching Excellence, Instructional Technology Services, Disability Services, Center for Disability and Development)

TBD, Register at: http://ers.tamu.edu/







Center for Teaching Excellence

Mobile Devices in the Classroom
Integrating Technology in Your Teaching to Promote Active Learning
Interactive Teaching Methods
Facilitating Effective Small Groups
Effective Exam Item Creation
Managing Teachable Moments: Building and Maintaining a Positive Classroom Climate
Principles and Practices of Inclusive Pedagogy: The many Dimensions of Diversity in Teaching
Practice, Practice, Practice: Designing Meaningful In-Class Learning Experiences for Students
Helping Today’s Students Help Themselves: Connecting the Classroom with Support Services
Transparency in Assignment Design: Communicating Clear Expectations for Student Success

Find session dates and times by using Center for Teaching Excellence in the menu filter and register at




Instructional Technology Services

Start Your Course with a PUNCH
Utilizing Peer Review Software as a Feedback Tool (Peerceptiv) - WEBINAR
Applying Video Best Practices for Student Engagement
Designing Your Course for All Students
Improving your Online Course
Camtasia Studio
Camtasia Studio Advanced
Improving Student Success through Optimized Course Design
Quality Matters Overview
Using Response Systems for Student Engagement (iClicker/Reef)
Using Turnitin to Ensure Academic Integrity

Find session dates and times and register at




College of Liberal Arts

6 Pillars of Student Engagement
Strategies and Technologies to Promote Active Learning
Video in Your Classroom
Flipping the Classroom

Find session dates and times by using Center for Teaching Excellence in the menu filter and register at




Disability Services, Center for Disability and Development, and Center for Teaching Excellence

Aggie Disability Awareness

For all sessions, register at: http://cdd.tamu.edu/service-outreach/aggie-disability-awareness
Tuesday, Sep 4th, 9:00-12:00, MSC 2401
Wednesday, Oct 3rd, 9:00-12:00, MSC 2406A
Thursday, Nov 8th, 1:00-4:00, MSC 2401


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