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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) has become an increasingly important aspect of academic life and scholarship. At its heart, SoTL seeks to connect effective educational strategies with an understanding of how students learn in order to build theoretical frameworks.  In short, SoTL strives to encourage faculty to approach teaching and curriculum design with the same scientific-based rigor that exists in discipline-specific research. The results and reflections on the process can be disseminated in journals, amongst faculty, or used internally within a course. SoTL also encourages educators to look ahead and identify potential issues and solutions that may arise in the future based on observations and experiences in the classroom. 
For those interested in SoTL, we have provided a collection of resources, including reading recommendations and potential outlets for publication. Also included is a link to the Texas A&M Institutional Review Board (IRB) office, which oversees research on human subjects. An IRB application must be approved by the IRB office prior to data collection. The Center for Teaching Excellence utilizes multiple methods to collect and analyze data for curriculum redesign. We use Qualtrics as an online survey tool for quantitative and qualitative data collection. For more in-depth qualitative data, we also conduct interviews and focus groups with various stakeholders. All programs that we collaborate with are encouraged, with the support of a graduate assistant, to obtain IRB approval and disseminate their curriculum redesign efforts in peer-reviewed journals or professional conferences.