With over 1PRD-small-image.jpg0 years of experience in the area of curriculum redesign, the Center for Teaching Excellence has developed an evidence-based approach for facilitating program-level change and enhancing student learning. Center consultants, supported by disciplinary graduate students, collaborate with faculty within a program to facilitate the Program (Re)Design (PRD) process. Our approach utilizes data to make informed curricular decisions and considers the unique needs of each program.

The PRD process is flexible and customizable. While some programs desire significant change to their curricula, other programs require minor modifications. Regardless of the level of change required, Center consultants offer passion and expertise to assist programs in this multifaceted process. For additional details regarding each step in the PRD process, click on the corresponding links or contact Debra Fowler, Director, at  dfowler@tamu.edu

POD Network | Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education Conference 2017
POD Innovation Award Finalist Poster Presentation

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