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Dr. Saundra McGuire Presents Findings on Teaching Students How to Learn

Date:   6/7/2019


CTE and Academic Success Center Collaboration

In May, the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Academic Success Center at Texas A&M hosted Dr. Saundra McGuire, Director Emerita of the LSU Center for Academic Success and Retired Assistant Vice Chancellor and Professor of Chemistry. Dr. McGuire presented findings from her work, published in the book, Teaching Students How to Learn: Strategies You Can Incorporate into Any Course to Improve Student Metacognition. With a full auditorium, she offered plenty of student testimonials and data to support her focus on equipping students with the skills and attitude needed to succeed in the college environment.
More specifically, Dr. McGuire offered plenty of great advice on encouraging students to test themselves (literally!). Research shows that while students tend to highlight and reread their notes in studying, these strategies don’t tend to produce great results. On the other hand, just closing the book and testing yourself on what you’ve just read (or encountered in class) can be a great way to help solidify that information in our memories. Along with other strategies, this workshop underscored the relationship between knowing how to learn and believing that you can learn. In Texas A&M’S Student Success Initiative, part of student belonging is the belief that you can succeed, and Dr. McGuire’s goal is to give everyone the tools they need to do so!

For more information on teaching strategies to improve student learning, please contact Samantha Shields, Center for Teaching Excellence Instructional Consultant at cte@tamu.edu.