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CIRTL in College Station

Date:   2/9/2015



CIRTL is excited to announce a forum in College Station in April 2015!

The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) is a national graduate organization here at Texas A&M that focuses on the development of future faculty to diversify and enrich the education of undergraduate students. The implementation and advancement of effective teaching practices provides undergraduates an array of learning opportunities and graduate students the ability to polish professional skills within their own teaching. With a fundamental basis to improve education and support growth within the classroom, both for the teacher and the learner, CIRTL is preparing Texas A&M graduate students the redefine the future of teaching, learning, and effective education.

CIRTL is excited to announce a forum in College Station in April 2015! The 5th annual CIRTL Forum will be hosting higher education thought leaders, Provosts and Deans of graduate schools, STEM faculty leaders and administrators, and leaders of national and professional organizations invested in the preparation of future STEM faculty. Ideas for innovative teaching strategies and fresh perspectives for influencing learners are waiting to be shared at this 3-day CIRTL event. For more information about lodging, speakers, and the event schedule, please visit www.cirtl.net/forum2015.