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AFF: Professional Development for Graduate Students

Date:   9/1/2016


AFF kicks off today!  But what is AFF, and what can it do for you?  

As the summer winds to a close, many graduate students find themselves at the front of a classroom.    No matter if you’ve taught for several semesters, or haven’t gotten started yet, the beginning of the semester is riddled with questions.  What will my students be like?  What kind of questions will they have?  How will I deal with potentially tense situations or tough questions?  How will what’s going on right now in the world affect my classroom and my students?  What can I do if there are issues or complications?

The Academy for Future Faculty (AFF) has the answers to all of your questions and more.  With weekly professional development workshops on college teaching, faculty observations, and professional mentors, AFF is designed to help graduate students and post docs build their future careers in higher ed. 

AFF can be completed in anywhere from one to four semesters, and is led by graduate student Senior Fellows and supported by a diverse pool of faculty known for their teaching excellence.  AFF will even help participants to explore potential career paths, develop your CVs, investigate teaching philosophy statements, and help you create your own teaching portfolio.  AFF also offers options for certificates:  the AFF Fellow certificate and the AFF Senior Fellow Certificate.  Graduate students who elect to complete the certificate requirements can then get access to more advanced training, leadership, and research options. Over fifty institutions that are part of the CIRTL network recognize our certificates!

The best part is that AFF is for all graduate students and post docs and it’s free to attend our sessions!   Every workshop is designed as its own, contained experience, so students don’t need to pursue the certificate to attend. 

Here is what our co-directors Louis Addae-Wireko and Ruaa Yaseen Al Mezrakchi have to say:

“As you develop yourself into an expert in your own field of study in Texas A&M, the AFF through the support of the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies and the Center of Teaching Excellence offers you the unique opportunity to develop skills necessary to be an effective future faculty. AFF delivers the required toolset that will empower you to effectively transfer knowledge to those you teach in the future. Join us in our sessions as we learn about the learning environment; explore teaching tools and strategies, assessment methods, technologies for effective teaching and more.”

Our kick off event for Fall 2016 is on Thursday Sept 1 at the MSc 1400 at 5:30pm.

Our schedule can be accessed at this link (http://cte.tamu.edu/Graduate-Student-Support/Academy-of-Future-Faculty/Schedule).

We look forward to seeing you at our next AFF workshop! Information for signing up can be accessed here (http://cte.tamu.edu/Graduate-Student-Support/Academy-of-Future-Faculty/Certificate-Program).