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21st Century Classroom Building Fellows

Date:   8/19/2019


Nine Outstanding Faculty Educators

Nine outstanding faculty educators are promoting excellent teaching and developing faculty community in advance of Texas A&M University’s 21st Century Classroom Building, scheduled to open Fall 2020. The nine faculty members include: Dr. James Abbey (Information & Operations Management), Dr. Craig Coates (Entomology), Dr. Craig Epifanio (Atmospheric Sciences), Dr. Alex Hernandez (Sociology), Dr. JD Kim (Math), Dr. Catharina Laporte (Anthropology), Dr. Verity McInnis (History), Dr. Joanna Pellois (Chemistry), and Dr. Asha Rao (Biology).
Invitations to Teach in 21st Century Classroom Building are due September 8. For more information, please see the Building’s website at https://21ccb.tamu.edu/. Should you have any questions, please contact - the21CCB@tamu.edu.