Mathew Kuttolamadom

Assistant Professor
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117E Thompson

The objective of this project is to develop, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of a unifying collaborative learning exercise as part of an open-ended final design project. This activity is assigned in an upper-level mechanical design course to complete the design of all the individual machine elements constituting a power transmission system, while satisfying certain design requirements and confining to certain constraints. By working together in groups towards a common goal, students will learn to work and solve problems in the company of others, enhance their own understanding, and get exposed to others’ viewpoints. Besides facilitating student development within and across teams, this activity will serve to comprehensively integrate the material content of the course as well. Such problem-based learning will emphasize the uncertainty and iterative nature of real-life problem solving and design, as well as invoke higher levels in Bloom’s taxonomy, of synthesis of concepts utilizing higher-order thinking skills.