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On March 13, a cohort of sixteen students (8 graduate, 8 undergraduate) will be leaving the shores of the United States to embark on a 10 day journey through China.  Along the way, students will have the opportunity to meet and interact with peer individuals at Chinese universities.  After a stay in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong to help acclimate to “East versus West” students will visit Hong Kong University in addition to seeing local sites.  A short ferry ride over to Macau, another Special Administrative Region within China, and students will have an opportunity to explore the former Portuguese colony and how it has integrated into the overall Chinese economy and political landscape.  A day trip to Macau University will offer students broader insights into the diversity between the two former colonies.  After experiencing the atmosphere, economy, students, and political landscape of the former colonies, it’s off to Shanghai where students will spend a day touring before travelling to Nanjing and visiting with Southeastern University, a Texas A&M partner institution in China.  Students will be able to see the modern cultural diversity inside the Chinese nation state and compare and contrast the different legal and socioeconomic systems in place that promote the welfare and health of the citizenry.
Exploring Diversity in Modern China will put some people on airplanes for the first time, have some students leave the country for the first time, and challenge student boundaries by visiting locales where things are completely different than what is their norm.  The program will also allow undergraduate and graduate students to mingle, get to know each other better, and promote and understanding of diversity back here at home.  Students will gain a unique insight into how a country of 1.3 billion people operates and how the history of the past helps shape and embrace the diversity of modern China in the present.