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My project is being conducted in my RPTS 331 (Tourism Marketing) class with 65 students.  We have partnered with two tourism entities, one public (Granbury Convention and Visitors Bureau), and one private (Natural Bridge Caverns).  The students will be completing collaborative marketing assignments with each.  For the public assignment, they are assisting the Granbury CVB in developing a Marketing Plan and new brand (including logo and slogan). For Natural Bridge Caverns, the students will work together to generate solutions to problems the entity faces, and to develop and enhance their current services or products. 
For both assignments, students are collecting and gathering data for all students/groups to share (related to the problems to be solved), then break into smaller groups of 4-5 students to write a proposal for the entity.  These proposals are writing intensive, and require the students to use the data gathered by the entire class, to determine the best answers to the problems for each entity (both the public and private sector).  Each of the groups (approximately 15) are competing to see who can best solve the real-world marketing problems given to them. The partnering firms are available to answer questions the students have (in person and via Skype calls), and to assist in determining which group(s) did best by evaluating the worth of the resultant proposals for their firm.  The top groups for each assignment will also give oral presentations of their projects.  Additionally, the results of all of the groups’ projects will be compiled to give the partnering firms usable action items.