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Teaching Assistant Institute Departmental Waivers

Departmental Waivers
To comply with the University Teaching Assistant mandate, departments offering teaching assistant training equivalent to the Teaching Assistant Institute (TAI) through their departmental training program may apply for a Request for Teaching Assistant Institute Waiver. Training waivers are granted for a three year-period. For more information and to apply, please email cte@tamu.edu.
                           Department            Waiver Valid Through Waived Component*
Sociology Fall 2019 Face-to-face only
Anthropology Spring 2018 Face-to-face only
Biology Spring 2020 Both
Chemistry Spring 2017 Both
Communications Fall 2017 Both
Education for Healthcare Professionals Spring 2018 Face-to-face only
English Fall 2017 Both
Mathematics Fall 2018 Both
                                                *Both=face-to-face component and online preparation module