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Graduate Teaching Consultant Program

The Graduate Teaching Consultant Program supports the professional development in teaching of graduate students, and includes opportunities that support enhanced teaching experiences, as outlined in the Model of Graduate Student Professional Development in Teaching. GTCs are graduate students exhibiting pedagogical skills and knowledge within their disciplines. GTCs, under the supervision of the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), serve as instructional coaches and peer mentors to TAs across campus. GTCs are available to conduct classroom observations upon request. 

Graduate Teaching Consultants

Olabisi-Atoba.jpgAmit K. Ghoshal

Department: Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences (RPTS)
Degree: PhD Candidate
Research Interests: Management, Law, and Tourism solutions for sustainability issues
Favorite Educational Quote:  "The mind is everything-what you think you become." - Buddha.
Other GTC Services: CIRTL Practitioner, TAR Fellow, TAI Leader, AFF Workshop Facilitator, ELPE Facilitator, GTC Facilitator, Instructor (RPTS)

Lauren Fontenot.JPGLauren Fontenot

Department: Animal Science
Degree: PhD Student
Research Interests: Pre-clinical detection of Bovine Respiratory Disease in feedlot cattle.
Favorite Educational Quote: “Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.” -Louis Pasteur
Other GTC Services: TAI Breakout Leader

Allessandra Ribota.JPGAlessandra Ribota

Department: Hispanic Studies
Degree: PhD Student in Hispanic Studies, Linguistics
Research Interests: Second Language Acquisition, Heritage Language Acquisition, Open Educational Resources
Favorite Educational Quote: “Transformation occurs when a learner’s engagement is such that it broadens their horizons of knowledge and capability.” - Mary Kalantzis and William B. Cope
Other GTC Services: TAI Breakout Leader, Classroom Observations, Workshops, Graduate Mentor in the Department of Hispanic Studies, Grad Aggie Research Mentor

Hannah Valigura.JPGHannah Valigura

Department: Animal Science Department
Degree: Masters of Science in Animal Nutrition
Research Interests: My research interests involve nutrition and exercise physiology of horses
Favorite Educational Quote: “You don’t always get what you’re going after, but you did get what you wouldn’t have gotten if you didn’t go after what you didn’t get” -Unknown
Other GTC Services: TAI Breakout Leader, AFF Workshop Leader, Graduate Student Consultant, Micro-Teaching Feedback, Classroom Observation, anything and anywhere else I’m needed!

Damian Robles.jpgDami├ín Robles Garcia

Department: Hispanic Studies
Degree: PhD Student in Hispanic Studies, Linguistics
Research Interests: Historical Pragmatics; The Linguistics of Cervantes; Language Contact
Favorite Educational Quote: Education for me is more than books; it is an act of kindness; it is an ongoing transformation of the self.
Other GTC Services: TAI sessions; classroom observation; mentoring; workshops, e.g.: CTE-ELP

Zaida Aguilar.jpgZaida Aguilar

Department: Hispanic Studies Department
Degree: PhD Student in Hispanic Studies, Culture and Literature
Research Interests: Mexican and Chicano cultural studies and oral narrative: tales, legend and Mexican Ballads.
Favorite Educational Quote: “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” Martin Luther King, Jr.
Other GTC Services: Classroom Observations, AFF Seminars, mentoring,ELPE practice sessions, workshops

Olabisi-Atoba.jpgShawanee Patrick

Department: Mechanical Engineering
Degree: PhD Candidate
Research Interests: Biomechanical impacts of mobility assistive devices
Favorite Educational Quote:  "A student can always learn. Your challenge is to figure out how to teach them.”
Other GTC Services: TAI Breakout Leader, Micro-teaching Feedback, AFF Workshop Leader