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CTE-ELP Early Retest

All international students are eligible to retake the ELPE once every three months per OGAPS policy.
Group 1 students only may request to retake the ELPE before three months have elapsed but must do so through the CTE-ELP program. Requests are granted only if students are following their individual improvement plan and have made demonstrable progress in oral proficiency. Students granted permission to retake the ELPE before three months have elapsed will receive a waiver from the CTE-ELP program which they can take directly to Testing Services to schedule their exam.

Requests to retest the ELPE must be made through the CTE-ELP program 7 business days before the exam is scheduled. For example, if the ELPE is scheduled for Saturday 12 August, the student’s appointment to request a retest should be scheduled no later than Thursday 3 August.
To schedule an appointment to request an early retest, students click here.