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CTE-ELP Department Verification

Getting Started with CTE-ELP Programming

The Center for Teaching Excellence - English Language Proficiency (CTE-ELP) program provides oral proficiency instruction for students who are not language certified. CTE-ELP instruction is required for students who have Level 2 Proficiency and are currently serving as TAs but optional for all others. As such, CTE-ELP programming is subject to availability and priority as outlined in table 2, below.
Table 2. Priority groups for CTE-ELP instruction
Priority Graduate Students or Instructors Currently Teaching Proficiency Level(s) Departmental Verification
Group 1 Graduate Students 2
Group 2 Graduate Students ----- 2 & 3 -----
Group 3 Instructors
(including Level 1 ITAs)
1 -----
Group 4 Graduate Students ------ ------ -----

Priority is given to Group 1 students (i.e. those who are Level 2 Proficient, are currently serving as Teaching Assistants, and have departmental verification). Students with Level 2 Proficiency are not considered Group 1 until they have submitted a Departmental Verification form signed by their supervisors confirming that they are currently serving as Teaching Assistants. Group 1 students must contact the CTE-ELP program to begin their instruction no later than week 2 of each semester.

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