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English Language Proficiency

The Center for Teaching Excellence’s English Language Proficiency (CTE-ELP) program is a linguistic service provided to international instructors - teaching assistant to professor (and prospective instructors) who wish to improve their spoken English skills.
The CTE-ELP supports the University’s commitment to excellence in teaching and learning by encouraging effective oral communication among Texas A&M professors and teaching assistants, pursuant to meeting the English language proficiency requirements set by OGAPS and the State of Texas (Sec. 51.917 http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/ED/htm/ED.51.htm).
Support services are included in tuition and are at no additional cost to the recipient. They include:
  • Accent analysis and individualized improvement plans
  • Class observation with feedback
  • Group practice and discussion sessions
  • Private consultations
  • Conversation partners
  • Workshops
  • A language lab with pronunciation software

The CTE-ELP program is staffed by two English Language Proficiency Consultants and two student workers. Offices and language lab are located on the second floor of the Liberal Arts and Humanities building (LAAH). Click here use the interactive map of TAMU: http://aggiemap.tamu.edu/

Upon arrival, please check-in at the Language Lab, LAAH Room 232
For questions, please call the Language Lab at 979-458-3966.
           Brandon Cooper                             Ginessa Payne                          
           979-458-4203                                   979-458-9277                             
           LAAH Room 237                               LAAH Room 236                               
           bcooper@tamu.edu                         glawsonpayne@tamu.edu

NOTE: The CTE-ELP provides individualized practice for those who want to pass the oral proficiency section of the ELPE but does not administer the exam.

For questions about the ELPE, please contact Testing Services or see http://dars.tamu.edu/Testing/ELPE.

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