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English Language Proficiency

Virtual resources, including live workshops and consultations, continue. Please email cte@tamu.edu for information.

The Center for Teaching Excellence’s English Language Proficiency (ELP) program is a linguistic resource provided to Texas A&M’s international instructors (and prospective instructors) who wish to improve their spoken English skills. Support services are confidential and at no additional cost to the participant.

To be eligible for a TA appointment as a Graduate Assistant – Teaching (GAT) or a Graduate Assistant Lecturer (GAL), international students must be language certified. You can check your eligibility or that of your student using an interactive questionnaire. Conditionally-appointed TAs (i.e. GATs or GALs with a Level 2 English proficiency) and TAs with Emergency Deferral of English certification are required to participate in the ELP program. For everyone else, services are optional professional development.
The recommended starting point is a one-time, private diagnostic consultation called an "Intake Assessment." During high-peak times such as the start of the semester, priority goes to current teaching assistants with Level 2 English proficiency, TAs with emergency deferral of certification, and to faculty members. If you are interested in participating but cannot find an available seat, please complete our Waitlist form.
Questions about services or English proficiency policies? Please call the Language Lab at 979.458.3966 or email cte@tamu.edu.

ELP Services in Detail

Classroom Observations  

Participants teach in their class/lab while being observed by an English Language Proficiency consultant. Feedback on comprehensibility and student-centered teaching techniques is provided in a later consultation. 

Private Consultations

Participants communicate their goals for language acquisition and, with the diagnosis and recommendations of English Language Proficiency consultants, create an individual improvement plan. They practice and receive feedback one-on-one.

Conversation Partnerships

Through authentic dialogue with a native speaker of English once a week for ten weeks, participants develop fluency and an awareness & appreciation for cultural difference.

Microteaching & Videotaping Feedback 

Participants practice and assess their own teaching, focusing on clear pronunciation, appropriate body language, effective use of visual aids, engagement with the audience, and confidence.

Practice Groups

Participants rehearse functional language for instruction; learn to anticipate and repair common communication breakdowns; develop peer support, pronunciation, and fluency; and cultivate an awareness and appreciation for diversity and cultural differences.


Participants develop phonological awareness and an appreciation for linguistic diversity. They identify resources and techniques that meet their individual linguistic needs.

Language Laboratory

Participants develop listening discrimination of English pronunciation, knowledge of the features and manipulation of the vocal tract, and automaticity by using American SpeechSounds for Academics and other programs.

Where We Are

Offices and language lab are located on the second floor of the Liberal Arts and Humanities building (LAAH). Upon arrival for an appointment, please check in at the Language Lab, LAAH Room 232. Workshops are held in various locations on the College Station flagship campus.

Additional Information