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AFF Executive Committee


Dr. Ra'sheedah Richardson - Advisor

Ra'sheedah Richardson, Ph.D. has demonstrated a commitment to preparing future collegiate faculty and K-12 teachers. Her diverse teaching experience has helped her to develop a pedagogical approach that allows her to relate to and engage learners of various demographic backgrounds and intellectual experiences. Dr. Richardson has been involved in several years of program management and policy research in science education in Texas.

Dr. Richardson currently serves as a Consultant for graduate student professional development in teaching at the Texas A&M University Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE). She coordinates several graduate student programs such as Teaching Assistant Institute (TAI), and the Graduate Teaching Consultant (GTC) Program. Dr. Richardson is the advisor to the Academy for Future Faculty (AFF) and a campus representative for the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL). Dr. Richardson is devoted to the development of a national faculty committed to advancing effective teaching practices in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


2017 - 2018 AFF Committee Directors
Louis Addae-Wireko  - Co-Director

Louis Addae-Wireko is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. He has a MS in Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation and a BS in Natural Resources Management from ITC, the Netherlands and KNUST, Ghana respectively. He has been a lecturer of the Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana; helping train natural resources managers and conservationists for the past 5 years. His interests are in conservation biology, climate change, biogeography, range management and the application of GIS and remote sensing tools in solving environmental issues. His current studies focus on modeling the rangeland environment using GIS and remote sensing tool.
Ruaa Al Mezrakchi - Co-Director
Ruaa is a PhD candidate in the Mechanical Engineering Department. She has 5 years of teaching experience as a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Material Engineering in the University of Technology, Baghdad. She has been selected as a judge for several events in and out of TAMU, in addition to leading a research group of undergraduate students in Texas A&M University through “Aggie Research Scholars Program and Aggie Research Leadership Program”. She is currently a departmental representative of Material Science and Engineering in the Energy Research Society (ERS). She also serve as a vice president of the society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) and a member of several other organizations such as SPE, MEGSO, WE, MEENgirls. Ruaa enjoys teaching and doing research, and believe that good teaching strategies are the first step in the learning process and would lead to big success in the academic field.

Committee Members
Leigh Szucs

Leigh Szucs  is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Health and Kinesiology studying Health Education, and Adolescent Sexuality. Her research interests include; adolescent health decisions and behaviors, systems science, and teen pregnancy prevention. When Leigh is not teaching or conducting research, she enjoys exercising, laying by the pool and enjoying time with friends and family. Welcome to AFF this year! This experience will benefit you tremendously in the quest toward teaching excellence!
Hussam AlawadiHussam Alawadi

Hussam Alawadi is from Iraq and holds a Masters degree in Agriculture in Agronomy for the University of AL-Anbar. He has seven years of teaching experience at the University of AL-Qadissiyah. Hussam is currently a doctoral student studying plant breeding in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M. Hussam likes to help people as much as he can. He believes science is a key to a better life.
Jiling Liu

Jiling Liu is a doctoral student in the Department of Health & Kinesiology majoring in sport pedagogy. Jiling served as an assistant professor in the Department of Physical Education & Athletic Training in Shanghai University of Sport, China. At A&M, Jiling is a graduate instructor for a capstone teaching methods course and another two online courses. His research interests include physical education preservice teachers’ self-regulated learning, young adolescents’ motivation towards physical activity, and technology and effective teaching. Recently, he developed an action research project examining the effectiveness of peer review in increasing student learning during an online course. In his free time, Jiling likes playing basketball, jogging, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

Hoonchong YiHoonchong Yi

Hoonchong Yi is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Geography. Hoonchong is from the Republic of Korea and served as a national advisory committee member of the Korea-U.S. (KORUS) and the Korea-EU Free Trade Agreement in the sectors of commodity and agriculture, respectively. His current research interests include the valuation of ecosystem services and the trade-environment relationship in a rapidly urbanizing landscape in the context of land-use policy. Together with Remote Sensing and GIS applications, He examines the impact of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) implementation focusing on San Antonio region to determine and characterize the detailed changes in land-use and land-cover, and ecosystem services.
 Josh Marbach

Howdy! My name is Josh Marbach and I am the Graduate Assistant for AFF. I am a doctoral student in the school psychology program here at Texas A&M University. I have been with AFF for over two years and have loved every second of it. My role with AFF is to help with the logistics behind AFF, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Fancy Mills

Fancy Mills has over 18 years of experience specializing in training, consulting, recruiting, and workforce management focused in the technical support and call center industries. As a Certified Workforce Manager, she has assisted companies in developing staffing and workforce management best practices and standard operating procedures.

As a member of the HDI Faculty since 2006, she has certified thousands of support professionals, managers, directors, and corporate trainers around the world in virtual and classroom environments. In addition to training, she has developed and facilitated customized curriculum for Fortune 500 companies such as Dell Computer Corporation in the areas of presentation, communication and time management skills. Fancy has also served as a session speaker for various industry conferences and events such as HDI and ATD. hile at HDI she’s served as a chair for International Certification Standard Committees, served on certification testing committees, as well as published articles for Support World Magazine. 

She is currently serving as Track Chair for the 2016 ITSMF/Fusion International Conference and as Program Advisor for the 2017 HDI Conference and Expo. She's currently pursuing her Masters in Human Resource Development with a specialization in Adult Education from Texas A&M University. While at Texas A&M University Fancy was selected as a speaker for the 2016 TEDx TAMU speaking on The XYZ Strategies for Succeeding in a Multi-Generational World. She is currently serving on the Texas A&M Graduate Advisory Board and the Steering Committee for The Academy for Future Faculty and was awarded the Senior Fellow in 2016.

Parveen Chhetri
Parveen Chhetri received his MS degree in Environmental Science from Hokkaido University, Japan and BSc degree in Environmental Science from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He is currently a PhD candidate in Department of Geography and working on his research project related to treeline dynamics of the Nepal Himalaya. His areas of interests are Biogeography, Climate Change and Vegetation Response, Mountain Environment, and Geo-spatial technology.

Sewwandi Rathnayake

Sewwandi Rathnayake is a Schlumberger Faculty for Future fellow and doctoral student in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences. She earned her undergraduate degree in Agriculture Technology and Management from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and her Master’s degree in Environmental Soil Chemistry from University of Kentucky. Her research interest includes fate, transportation, chemical speciation and ecotoxicology of metals, metalloids, and manufactured nanomaterials in terrestrial ecosystems. She was the President of the Sri Lanka Association at Texas A&M University for the academic year 2015-2016.

Ahmed Al-Ramthan

Ahmed Al-Ramthan is a PhD candidate in the Civil Engineering Department. He has 7 years of experience as a faculty member in Baghdad University and 5 years of experience as a supervising engineer in several construction companies. He is a member in GeoInstitute (TAMU G-I) at Texas A&M University and Iraqi Student Organization at Texas A&M University. His research interests in geotechnical and offshore engineering.

Travis Cox

Howdy! I am Travis Cox, a doctoral student in Rhetoric within the Department of Communication. With over ten years of experience as an educator, I have taught courses in public speaking, argumentation and debate, rhetorical criticism, interpersonal communication, and communication for the technical professions as both a teaching assistant and instructor. I am originally from Boring, Oregon (yes, my hometown’s name is boring) and earned my B.S. in Speech Communication and M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies at Oregon State University. I look forward to working with the AFF and helping aid the development of educators from a range of fields and disciplines.
Donna M. Druery

Donna M. Druery is a PhD student in the Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development.  Donna has a Masters in Educational Administration from Sam Houston State University and a Bachelors in English with double minors in Speech Communication and Business Administration from Texas A&M University.  She has served as an English Teacher in a high school and an Assistant Principal in a middle school.  She has also attended the Harvard Principal Summer Institute.  Donna also holds certificates as a Fellow, as well as a Practitioner in the Center for Teaching Excellence & Office of Graduate and Professional Studies.  She has also been accepted in the Bush School of Government and will be completing a certificate in Nonprofit Management in 2017.  Her research interests include charter schools and school choice; parental and family involvement; leadership and management in higher education; education law and policy; interventions for at-risk students; and examinations of race, class and gender in education.  She enjoys traveling and meeting new people.  Donna has completed Study Abroad to Africa and Japan, and has presented at conferences in Atlanta, Belize, Jamaica, Texas (at Wakonse) and upcoming conferences in Detroit and Costa Rica.
Vijay Rajanna

Vijay Rajanna is a doctoral student at the "Sketch Recognition Lab" in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science from Birla Institute of Technology & Science, India. His research interests include Human-Computer Interaction, Eye tracking, Visual perception, Cognitive computing, and Wearable computing. He has been constantly associated with the industry; worked for multiple research and development firms including IBM Research, National Instruments R&D, Nokia, and Bosch. Vijay completed his AFF Fellows Certification program in spring 2016 and pursues teaching with keen interest. In his spare time, he loves to run long distances or workout at the university recreation center.