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Certificate Program

1.  Attend 4 required seminars covering the basics of the course development cycle. These seminars will be offered at least once in the fall and once in the spring. These seminars represent the “core curriculum” of AFF.  Participants are required to answer reflection oriented questions regarding each seminar topic. These reflections will be available in e-Campus for one month after attendance of each event. 

  Required Seminars:
  • Learning Outcomes & the Course Development Cycle
  • Philosophy of Teaching Statement 
  • Syllabus Design
  • Curriculum Vitae  (As an alternative to this workshop you may attend an advising/review session with the A&M Career Center. They will be able to provide you with a form that indicates that you're taken the session. Please return this form to one of the AFF leaders to get credit for the workshop.)
2.  Attend 4 elective seminars on a variety of subjects related to teaching and higher education. These seminars will be delivered both in person (the more traditional seminar) and online. Topics will vary by semester. Participants will be required to fill out a reflection in the e-Campus system for each seminar watched/attended. Additionally, it is possible to attend events by the Center for Teaching Excellence (Center) and the Center for the Integration of Research Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) program. Different reflections will be required for these event as discussed below.  Announcements for CTE and CIRTL seminars will be provided through AFF listserv emails. 

3.  Complete drafts of Teaching Philosophy Statement, CV and Syllabus, to be reviewed by your mentor. 

4.  Each participant will select a mentor. The mentor should be a faculty member in any department, but should not be the participant’s advisor. Participants will meet with their mentor several times over the duration of the program to discuss various topics covered in the AFF program. In particular, mentors will review drafts of the documents mentioned in #3 and ultimately will be asked to sign off on documents submitted as part of the AFF certificate program. 

5.  Perform 2 classroom observations, only 1 of which may be from the participant’s mentor. Participants will answer questions on e-Campus reflecting on the classroom environment, teaching methods used, and overall effectiveness of the class.

Viewing Seminars Online
Up to 2 of the required or elective seminars may be viewed online, instead of attending the actual seminars. 
For each seminar viewed online, the student will need to fill out a "Video Quiz" form
in eCampus instead of the regular seminar reflection.

Distance Option
If the student is unable to attend seminars face-to-face, due to academic or geographic considerations, they may request the distance option allowing the entire program to be done remotely.