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Web-Based Faculty Professional Development

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Transformative Learning
How do we help our students make sense of their experiences?
This site describes how instructors can use reflection to address various levels of student learning in connection with high-impact learning experiences with the goal of transformative learning. Also provided are ideas for implementing and assessing reflection activities to meet different kinds of learning environments (i.e., various disciplines, time factors, class sizes, and teaching styles).

This online resource has been created to help you, a TAMU teaching faculty member or graduate teaching assistant, develop a professional development--teaching or course portfolio: portfolios that can be presented online or in printed format. A portfolio can be used to organize course materials, document professional development, create job prospecting materials, evaluate teaching practices, as well as a leave legacy for graduate students or others carrying out the work you have begun. And, it can serve multiple purposes, for example, performance reviews, career advancement, and self-assessment of teaching and other professional activities.
This site provides an overview of material to assist with development or revision of the course syllabus.
The course syllabus is a multipurpose document. For faculty, it is a planning document specifying course content and learner performance expectations. For students, it is the information document that describes what they need to know and be able to do with what they know in order to be successful in the course and details how their success will be assessed.

The syllabus is often the first contact that students have with the instructor and the course because of HB2504 mandating that the document be available online. A student's first impression of a class may be formed while scanning this document. Texas A&M University has specified a list of required elements for the syllabus. There are additional content elements that may enhance faculty/student communication and the student learning experience. This site provides information on all of these elements. It also includes templates for different approaches and "looks" for the syllabus to assist with setting the tone for the class.