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Aggies Celebrate Teaching!

Recognizing Transformational Teaching

The Center for Teaching Excellence is excited to host the second annual Aggies Celebrate Teaching! – Recognizing Transformational Learning reception. The event is a time for us to acknowledge outstanding Texas A&M faculty members and instructors who--through their dedication to transformational practices--have made a significant impact on their students.

                “Teaching that encourages students to question assumptions and challenge beliefs… such that they emerge
                from the experience with a changed perspective influencing interactions and contributions to a modern world.”

                                                                                           - Dr. Debra Fowler, Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence

The Center for Teaching Excellence will highlight faculty members and instructors--and their transformational teaching strategies--in various ways such as sharing on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TamuCTE/), highlighting on our web site (cte.tamu.edu), and showcasing a few at our Aggies Celebrate Teaching! event, to be held in the Spring of 2018.

Texas A&M students (graduate, professional, and undergraduate) are invited to nominate faculty members or instructors who have made an impact on them--inspiring change in their thinking, challenging them to think in new ways, or supporting their learning in a way that transformed their educational experience through a call for nominations that includes a 1000-1500 word essay.

Aggies Celebrate Teaching!, will feature six students chosen from all responses. Selected students will be given an opportunity to share their transformational experience and their professor's/instructor's impact on their education. The faculty members and instructors will also be given an opportunity to share comments and their perspective on transformational teaching practices. Each selected student, who fulfills the Terms of Submission (see below) will receive a $500 education grant and their nominated faculty member or instructor will receive a $1,500 professional development grant.

Terms of Submission:
Students selected to showcase their nominated faculty member or instructor will be required to attend and present their transformational experience at the ACT! event on April 17, 2018 to receive the $500 education grant.

  1. The faculty member or instructor nominated in the essay will be asked to attend with the selected student, but is not required to attend.

  2. The nominated faculty member or instructor must currently teach at Texas A&M University-College Station (including Galveston, Qatar, HSC, School of Law, and College of Dentistry).

  3. The Center for Teaching Excellence will contact selected students and facutly members or instructors for additional information.

  4. Only one submission per student allowed.

  5. Students must be at least 18 years of age or older and a current student at Texas A&M University-College Station (including Galveston, Qatar, HSC, School of Law, and College of Dentistry).

  6. The deadline for submissions is midnight February 25, 2018. The deadline has been extended to Friday, March 9, 2018.

Check out the details! Click on the following link: tamu.qualtrics.com/ACT!