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Create Curriculum Map

Curriculum mapping is the process of identifying where (courses/experiences) the program learning outcomes (PLOs) are introduced (I), reinforced (R), and/or demonstrated (D).
  • Introduce (I) – At this level, students are not expected to be familiar with the content or skill at the collegiate level. Learning activities focus on basic knowledge/ skills and entry-level complexity.
  • Reinforce (R) – At this level, students are expected to possess a strong foundation in knowledge and skills. This level allows students to learn the material in more depth, and instructional activities build upon previous competencies with increased complexity.
  • Demonstrate/Master (D) – Students are expected to possess an advanced level of knowledge and skills, and instructional activities focus on the use of knowledge/skills in multiple contexts and at multiple levels of complexity. Upon completion, students can demonstrate their mastery of each learning outcome at the level expected for graduation.
In a typical curriculum map/matrix, courses are listed across the top of the map and outcomes (program level and institutional) along the side. The center of the map/matrix is completed by determining which courses/experiences will support the introduction, reinforcement, and demonstration of each program learning outcome.