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NSF Proposals

The Center offers assistance with the teaching/learning/broader impacts portions of your project in the proposal and funded phases.

Proposal phase:
          · Brainstorm approaches
          · Offer feedback on draft plans
          · Suggest specific ways of collecting information related to teaching and learning during implementation
          · Identify supporting citations from teaching and learning literature
         · Connect faculty member with other support units on campus
         · Provide a letter of collaboration

Funded phase:
         · Review course design for alignment and universal design principles
         · Critique course materials
         · Align formative and summative assessment
         · Perform classroom observation
         · Conduct student focus groups
         · Analyze student feedback

The Center’s team of Instructional Consultants has extensive knowledge of the scholarly literature on teaching and learning including course design, teaching methods, technology for teaching, and assessment. Our work with faculty in the proposal and funded phases of NSF CAREER projects is designed to provide a firm foundation for the teaching/learning/broader impacts portion of the project and identify outcomes in these areas.

For assistance, contact Jean Layne, Instructional Consultant at jlayne@tamu.edu or 979/862.4269.